This is Fraschetti Consulting and Sales LLC

Ed Fraschetti entered the baking world at the age of 20 and has been an integrator in the bakery industry ever since.

For over 40 years, Ed has been successfully creating custom scoring and proprietary equipment, as well as conveyor systems. He began in rotary scoring blades and has been licensed to The Perfect Score company for some decades now.

Ed is experienced in custom plant layout, pan and peel handling, aiding in equipment acquisition, negotiations, planning, and automation with years of results for his customers.

From ovens to automated proofing systems, scoring, conveyors, oven loaders and unloaders, Ed takes customers on a first come, first serve basis, not competing with direct customer competition.

Let Ed aid your business in plant expansions, board seats, future planning and automation, new procurement and acquisitions.

Fraschetti Consulting and Sales LLC is a definite asset in partnering and growth of your facility.

Ed can be added to your team for a low monthly/annual fee or on an as needed basis.

Case Studies

Custom Engineered Project – Proofer Rebuild/Modification

From time to time, customers allow us to publicize work we have done on their custom projects. This is just one example of the many special projects we have been involved in at Fraschetti Consulting & Sales LLC.

In 2012, Fraschetti was contracted by Orlando Baking Company to convert their old, Italian single-tray final proofer into a triple-tray final proofer. After we redesigned and fabricated the new components and trays, our team gutted and rebuilt the interior of the proofer during a three-week shutdown on the line. This included new framework, new sprockets, new rails, new chains, new triple tier proofer trays (replacing their old single trays), new infeed, and extensive modification to the existing discharge conveyors. The volume and productivity on this line was greatly increased through this rebuild.

Special Project – Oven Extension & Proofer Extension

After a fire destroyed much of Great Buns Bakery in 2007, Fraschetti Consulting & Sales LLC was asked to help with the rebuild of the equipment for the bakery, which included the repair of their existing oven and increasing its size by three meters. Additionally, Great Buns needed a repair of their proofer and a 25% increase to its capacity.

Fraschetti handled many other repairs for this project as well. Through the efforts of our management, designers, and fabricators, the project was successful. Working in conjunction with the team at Great Buns, we were able to get their business up and running again better than ever!

our customers talk

  • "Their consulting services are great, I couldn't believe how much our bakery was impacted after meeting with Fraschetti."

  • "Our sales were directly impacted after meeting with the Fraschetti Consulting Team. They gave us insights to grow our bakery locations from 2 to 5 stores all over the city."

    Karen Henson Yummy Cakes Co.